Hello, your Chef is back.

Many in the community are wondering why there are no more videos or why so few MMORPG tutorials are coming.
The reason is that I'm programming C++ and Python for my real work, which I'm doing since April this year.
Therefore I will change the concept of my channel. I have released the current version of the YukiNet, the server and the Unity Client [GITHUBLINK].
I will not continue the MMORPG series as it is now. The reason for this are the circumstances caused by my work.
That does not mean that there will be no YukiNet or the same one. But I will offer the whole thing in C++ and closed source. That means that I will only show videos about the server or plugin creation.
I will also switch to the Unreal Engine. But you can still use the Unity Engine.
I will also add some basic topics to my channel such as: "How can I put my game online", "How is an MMORPG built", "How does the network work" etc.

With kind regards
Tutorial Chef